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   ANALYSTS|All-Stock Performance Summary
The All-Stock Performance Summary page provides a snapshot of how well a selected analyst has performed. For sell-side analysts StarMine measures the accuracy of analyst earnings estimates and the performance of recommendations. For House Analysts, StarMine measures only recommendation performance.

The earnings estimate accuracy performance data on the page can be viewed across multiple time intervals or on a summary basis. "Summary" estimate scores are calculated by aggregating all of the analyst's available scores for the prior four fiscal quarters (where available) and the prior two fiscal years. The recommendations performance data can be viewed for the trailing 12, 24, or 36 months, or for various calendar years.

Overall Performance Section
The Overall Performance section is divided into two parts, Recommendations and Estimates. StarMine measures overall analyst recommendation performance in two different ways: the Absolute Return metric tells you what your return would have been had you created a long/short portfolio based on the analyst's recommendations; the Coverage-Relative Rating tells you how well an analyst performed, relative to other analysts, at distinguishing among the stocks in his or her coverage universe. On the Estimates side, StarMine measures the overall accuracy of an analyst's earnings estimates according to the Overall Estimate Score, which reflects the aggregation of all the analyst's Single-stock Estimate Scores (SES).

The Overall Performance Chart provides you with greater detail regarding the timing of the analyst's performance. In the upper portion of the chart, the two components of Excess Return (Recommendation-Weighted Return and Coverage Return) are plotted over time as lines. The vertical gap between the two lines at the far right edge of the chart reflects the analyst's Excess Return for the period selected. The lower portion of the chart plots Excess Return directly. The bars convey the Excess Return earned by the analyst during each month of the period; the line plots the cumulative Excess Return. This chart can be shown or hidden, depending on your preference.

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Summary by Stock Section
The Summary by Stock section provides detailed performance on each of the stocks on which an analyst's performance has been measured.
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Summary by Industry Section
The Summary by Industry section provides industry-level performance data for the analyst in each of the geographic regions in which he or she covers stocks.
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