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The Current Data page is designed to provide you with a single location to view all of an analyst's earnings estimates and recommendations, as well as how those estimates and recommendations compare to the mean. It can help you appreciate whether an analyst is bullish on a particular stock only, for example, or whether he or she is bullish across all of the stocks he or she covers.

A stock will appear on an analyst's Current Data page if the analyst has either a current recommendation on the stock or at least one active earnings estimate on the stock. You can sort the stocks on the page by Ticker, Accuracy, or Recommendation by selecting the corresponding column header. Selecting the column header a second time will reverse the sort on that column.

Earnings Estimates
In the Earnings Estimates section, the Accuracy column displays the analyst's earnings star rating on the individual security based on his or her Summary SES. An analyst may not have a performance history on all of the stocks that he or she currently covers; in this case, "no history" will be displayed in lieu of an accuracy star rating. If an analyst has issued estimates on a security in the past, but less than three analysts followed the stock and accuracy scores were not calculated, "no score" will be displayed in lieu of an accuracy star rating.

The Analyst row for a given security provides the analyst's earnings estimate for each fiscal period for which he or she has an estimate. Immediately to the right of the analyst's estimate, a plus or minus graphic may appear. This allows you to review at a glance whether the analyst is above or below the mean. By selecting the link for the analyst's estimate, you can view all analysts' estimates for the selected security and period. The Mean row for a given security provides the mean estimate for each fiscal period. The SmartEstimate row provides the SmartEstimate for each fiscal period. If there is a meaningful positive predicted surprise for a period, the SmartEstimate will be displayed in green; if there is a meaningful negative predicted surprise, the SmartEstimate will be displayed in red.

In the Recommendations section, the analyst's Coverage-Relative Rating for the T24M period is displayed; T24M refers to the trailing twenty-four months. If an analyst does not have a performance history, a graphic indicating "no rating" will be displayed.

The Analyst row for a given security provides the analyst's numerical and textual recommendation. The research department at each broker determines how it wants the data vendor to map the broker's recommendation to the vendor's standard recommendation scale. If the analyst's recommendation on a security is more optimistic than the mean recommendation among all analysts, a plus graphic is displayed. If the analyst's recommendation is more pessimistic than the mean, a minus graphic is displayed.

By selecting the link for the analyst's recommendation, you can view all analysts' recommendations for the selected security. The Mean row for a given security provides the numerical recommendation mean for the security along with the text corresponding to the nearest recommendation on the standard recommendation scale. For example, if the mean recommendation is 2.3, the nearest whole number is 2.0, which corresponds to the standard recommendation level of "Buy".

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