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The Favorite Analysts page allows you to create and maintain a list of analysts whose research you value. By employing a list of Favorite Analysts, you can customize your Research Preferences such that research authored by analysts on your Favorites list gets preferential treatment. Please see the Research Preferences Help page for a full description of how to utilize your Favorite Analysts most effectively.

There are three primary ways to add analysts to your Favorites:
  • The Lookup tool at the bottom of the page allows you to find an analyst by his or her last name. Once an analyst is found, you can add him or her to your Favorites quickly.
  • The Analysts/Search page allows you to search for analysts using a broad range of search criteria in addition to an analyst's name. You can access this page by selecting the Advanced Analyst Search link to the right of the Lookup button.
  • Subscribers to the StarBox module of StarMine Professional can also add an analyst to their Favorites list directly from a StarBox research e-mail authored or co-authored by the analyst. Look for a link at the bottom of one of your StarBox e-mails to add to Favorite Analysts.
For each analyst on your Favorites list, the main table on the page displays the following:
  • Analyst: the name of the analyst in the form Last, First.
  • Broker: the name of the analyst's broker.
  • T24M Recs: the analyst's overall (i.e., all-stock) star rating for recommendation performance over the past 24 months.
  • Summary Estimates: the analyst's overall (i.e., all-stock) star rating for estimate performance over the last 2 fiscal years and 4 fiscal quarters.
  • Industry Coverage: the industry into which the largest number of the analyst's stocks belong. An ellipsis (i.e., "") is shown when the analyst's stocks belong to two or more industries. Industry Coverage is based on current coverage, not historical coverage.
  • Regions: one or two codes indicating the region or regions in which the largest number of the analyst's stocks belong. An ellipsis (i.e., "") is shown when the analyst's stocks fall into three or more regions. Regions are based on an analyst's current coverage, not historical coverage; stocks are categorized into regions based on their Security Country, not their Home Country.
The Remove link associated with an analyst allows you to remove the analyst from your Favorites list. The Remove All link lets you quickly empty your Favorites list of all analysts.

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