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Analyst performance is the focus of the ANALYSTS section of StarMine Professional. Within this section, you can:
  • Enter a ticker to find the top analysts for that stock
  • Choose an industry to see the performance of analysts who follow stocks in the industry
  • Depending on your account configuration, you may also be able to search for an analyst by name to review his or her overall performance
By entering a ticker in the Top Analysts by Ticker text box, StarMine Professional takes you to the Top Analysts page in the TICKER section of the stock you entered.

When you select an industry from Top Analysts by Industry, StarMine Professional takes you to the Top Analysts by Industry page. The View All Industries link brings you the complete list of all available industries.

If your account has been enabled for the feature, you can enter an analyst's name-or just the first letters of the analyst's name-in the Enter Last Name text box. A page may then appear with a list of analysts having the same or similar names. When you select the name you want, StarMine Professional takes you to the All-Stock Performance Summary page for that analyst. For more detailed analyst performance, you can drill down to the Single Stock Performance Summary, and from there, to the Performance by Period or Single Period Detail pages.

In some instances and depending on your StarMine subscription, permission to see the names of some analysts may not be available. Your StarMine account manager can discuss with you the range of services available in StarMine Professional.

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