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   ANALYSTS|Single Period Estimate Detail
The Single Period Estimate Detail page allows you to track an analyst's earnings estimates for a fiscal period against the consensus, high estimate, low estimate, and the eventual actual earnings.

The one-row table near the top of the page displays:

Period End Date: The month and year in which the period came to an end.
Report Date: The date on which the company released actual earnings for the period.
Relative Accuracy: The Estimate Score and Rating the analyst earned for the period.
Rank: A comparison of the analyst to his peers based on his or her Estimate Score for the period.
Coverage: The percent of the period for which the analyst had an active estimate. For quarters, coverage is calculated based on the 91 days immediately preceding the report date; for years, coverage is calculated based on the 365 days immediately preceding the report date.
Average Absolute Error: The average of all the daily absolute errors - the difference between the analyst's estimate and the actual reported earnings - calculated in the period. It is always a positive number.
Actual: The company's reported earnings for the period.
Type: The type of earnings on which analysts were measured for the period.

The chart beneath the table plots the analyst's estimates for the period as a thick blue line. The thin bronze lines plot the high and the low estimates. The thicker bronze line between them represents the mean. The vertical black bar appears on the date of the company's earnings report and indicates, by reference to the left y-axis, the actual reported earnings. The dark gray line at the top of the gray shaded area represents the price. The right y-axis is the scale for the stock's price.

The table to the right of the chart displays the analyst's estimate history for the period, the date or dates of revisions, and the number of days each estimate was active.

See glossary for: Actual, Average Absolute Error, Coverage, Single-stock Estimate Score (SES)

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