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The Single Broker page displays the selected broker's Coverage Adjusted Estimate and Recommendation Scores on a set of stocks as well as the single stock scores on each of the stocks in the set.

If you have just come from the Broker Comparison page, the list of stocks you were using will be the same. You can change the list of stocks by selecting a different stock set and further narrow down by region, sector and market capitalization filters.

You can also change the broker by selecting a different one from the broker dropdown near the top of the page.

Individual stock scores use Single Stock Recommendation Scores (SRS) for recommendations and Relative Accuracy Scores (RAS) for estimates. Scores are displayed as both a 1-100 score and a 1 to 5 star rating.

Coverage % figures are provided as context, showing how much of the period the broker had an active estimate and recommendation on each stock. Coverage for the Summary period is determined by averaging an analyst's coverage percentages from the prior four fiscal quarters and the prior two fiscal years (in cases where a company reports quarterly). In cases where a company only reports annually, coverage for the Summary period is an average of the broker's coverage percentages from the prior two fiscal years.

If you are interested in the details on the performance of any particular stock, you can click on the linked ticker and view the detailed performance on the Single Stock Performance page. These links are not available on restricted brokers.

Like many pages in StarMine, you can export the results of the Single Broker page to Excel.

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