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   BROKERS|Broker Comparison
The Broker Comparison page ranks brokers on their track record covering a set of stocks. Brokers are ranked on both recommendation performance and earnings estimate accuracy.

The list of brokers being evaluated can be limited to a predefined Broker Group. You can create a broker group on the Broker Groups page. You can also limit brokers to only the 10, 25, 50, 100 or 200 brokers with the highest coverage. Coverage is defined using the higher of the number of recommendation scores or the number of estimate scores on the set of stocks the brokers are evaluated against.

The list of stocks the brokers are evaluated on can be limited to any stock set you choose and further narrowed down by region, sector and market capitalization filters.

The Coverage Adjusted Scores for recommendations and estimates show the brokers' aggregate skill level on your list of stocks. Coverage Adjusted Recommendation and Estimate Scores are calculated by taking the broker's average Single-Stock Recommendation Score (SRS) and Relative Accuracy Score (RAS), respectively, on all the stocks in the list, adjusted to compensate for differences in coverage among brokers. Positive scores indicate above average performance and negative scores indicate below average performance. Brokers must cover at least 5 stocks to earn a score.

The percentage of stocks in the stock list for which each broker scored either 4 or 5 stars on is also captured on this page. Star scores are based on SRS for recommendations and RAS for estimates.

Like many pages in StarMine, you can export the results of the Broker Comparison page to Excel. In addition to all of the data on the page, the download will also include the unadjusted "Average" score for each broker, which is the same as the Coverage Adjusted Scores before we adjust them for coverage. Furthermore, the export breaks out the count for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 star scores on each broker.

If you want to see the details for any broker, you can click on the broker's name and you will be taken to the Single Broker page which details how that broker did on each of the stocks in the set.

See glossary for: % 4 and 5 Star Scores, Average Estimate Score, Average Recommendation Score, Broker Group, Coverage Adjusted Estimate Score, Coverage Adjusted Recommendation Score

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