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The Permissions page of the Brokers section of StarMine Professional describes the estimate/recommendation data and research to which you have access in StarMine according to Thomson Reuters. StarMine does not directly control your broker permissions; they are determined by the brokers themselves and administered by Thomson Reuters.

Permissions for research are independent from permissions for estimate/recommendation data. If you have access to both research and estimate/recommendation data on StarMine, the header bar allows you to choose which set of permissions you wish to view. Please note that it is possible to have permission to see estimates and recommendations from a particular broker without being able to see research from that broker. If you receive research or estimate/recommendation data on StarMine, but not both, you will be able to view only the relevant set of permissions.

When you are viewing Estimates and Recommendations Permissions, the page shows you a list of brokers whose estimates and recommendations you are not entitled to see. If you do not have permission to see a particular broker's estimate/recommendation data, the name of the broker will be displayed as "Permission Denied" in StarMine Professional. The name of an analyst at one of these brokers will be displayed as "Undisclosed".

When you are viewing Research Permissions, the page allows you to specify the set of brokers for which you would like to view your permissions. You can select "All Brokers" or just the set of brokers who publish research on one or more stocks in a stock set of your choosing. If your StarMine account allows you to maintain a Favorite Brokers list, you have the option of selecting your Favorite Brokers here as well. You can use the letter shortcuts to jump to brokers beginning with a particular letter of the alphabet.

When you view your broker permissions, please be aware of the following:
  • Some brokers break themselves into various geographic or language-based entities for purposes of research distribution. It is possible that you may have access to research from one entity at a broker but not all entities.
  • In addition, some brokers maintain multiple research "lists". You may be given access to one list at the broker but not another list at the broker.
  • You have access to research from a broker, entity, or list when your permission shows "Enabled". If you see the word "Disabled", it indicates that you do not have access to research from that broker, entity, or list.
If you are "Disabled" for a broker, a "Request Entitlement" link should appear next to the broker. Clicking on this link will bring up a request form for you to fill out with your personal information which will then be sent to your broker salesperson. Please be aware that the entitlement process can take up to 4 weeks for approval. While your request is being reviewed, a "Request Pending" notification will appear next to the broker.

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