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   BROKERS|Broker Groups
The Broker Groups page allows you to define custom lists of brokers that can be used in various ways within StarMine Professional.

  • If you subscribe to the StarBox module, you can define a list of Favorite Brokers and a list of Excluded Brokers. Depending on your research preferences, these two lists can influence what research documents you will receive.
  • If you subscribe to the Broker Rankings module, you can create a broker group for use on the Broker Comparison page to narrow the rankings to only the brokers in your custom group. You create a broker group by selecting the Create New Group button. You can share a custom broker group with the rest of your firm by checking the Shared box next to the name of the group. This feature can be useful if your entire firm uses the same list of brokers and you only want to maintain the group in one place. Shared groups will be visible to all users at your firm but will only be editable by you.
To select a broker group, click on the name of the group on the left-hand side of the page. If you make any changes to a broker group, remember to hit the Update and Save button before selecting a different broker group or leaving the page.

See glossary for: Broker Group

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