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   What is the Value-Momentum Model (Val-Mo)?
   The StarMine Value-Momentum (Val-Mo) model is a percentile (1-100) ranking of stocks based on recent valuation and momentum characteristics.

Value signals exploit the tendency of stock prices to exhibit mean reversion. Over- and under-valued securities tend to revert to more moderate valuation levels over time.

Momentum signals exploit the tendency of trends to continue. Upgrades to analyst estimates and/or recommendations tend to correlate to future upgrades and lead future price moves; past price winners tend to be future winners.

StarMine Val-Mo uniquely captures these signals through a potent blend of four of StarMine's proven stock selection models:
  • Value is captured via the StarMine Intrinsic Valuation (IV) and Relative Valuation (RV) models.

  • Momentum is captured via the StarMine Analyst Revisions Model (ARM) and Price Momentum (Price Mo) models.
The combination of global ranks on each of these four inputs results in the overall StarMine Val-Mo score for a security.

The headline StarMine Val-Mo score featured in StarMine Professional is the Regional Rank, in which a given stock is ranked against all others in its Region. The Global, Sector, and Industry Rank are also available.

Model Regions
The model assigns each security to one of five distinct regions (North America, Developed Europe, Developed Asia ex-Japan, Japan, and Emerging Markets).

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