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The StarBox Research page displays all research received that matches your StarBox preferences. This page shows the same research that is sent via e-mail, but may be more convenient for people who are away from their primary computer, or who simply prefer to view research online rather than in e-mail. Research can appear here either instead of, or in addition to, e-mailed research and contains all of StarMine's popular tools for viewing research including the first page preview, the ability to document ratings and comments on particular research reports, and flags indicating reports which contain revisions or initiations.

Research can be viewed in 3 different folders. The Unreviewed folder contains all research received in the last 7 days that the user has not yet marked as "reviewed". To mark items as reviewed, users simply click the Mark all as Reviewed button in the top right corner of the page, clearing every item in the Unreviewed folder, including those appearing on subsequent pages. New research will appear here as it is received. Marking a set of research documents as reviewed will clear them from this folder the next time you visit the page, although documents received in the last week can always be viewed in the All Received folder. If you want to keep documents longer than 7 days, you can move them to the Saved Items folder by clicking on the folder icon in the left-most column.

While most people will want to view research chronologically, with the most recent research at the top of the page, we offer two other options that let you group research either by Ticker or by Industry. These options can be particularly useful for those who get a larger volume of research and want to make sure they don't miss any reports on a particular stock or industry.

To enable this page, visit the StarBox Research preferences page under the Configure tab. Here you can specify the types of research you want to receive, as well as whether you want it to appear on this new page, to be delivered via e-mail, or both.

How do I save a research report?
To save a research report, simply click on the folder icon to the left of the report. This will move the report to the Saved Items folder, where it will remain until you decide to remove it. To delete a report from your Saved Items folder, click on the folder icon to the left of the report and then click the Mark all as Reviewed button.

Why does StarMine only show 7 days of research on this page?
This page is optimized for viewing a week's worth of research. Displaying more than that will typically result in slow page load times for most people. Since most users tend to view research daily, we chose to offer a week's worth here. Users wanting to look further back in history, either to find initiation reports or to do other open-ended searches, should use the TICKER|Research or RESEARCH|Search pages.

Why does research older than 7 days sometimes appear on this page?
Research can appear in the Unreviewed folder if it is older than 7 days, but if another person at your firm has left a rating or comment on the report in the last 7 days.

Why did I receive this research?
Hover over any research headline to see exactly which preferences were triggered for the report. From this panel, you can tweak your StarBox Research preferences to fine-tune the research that arrives. For example, you can add analysts to your favorite analysts list, add brokers or analysts to the excluded list, add stocks to a stock set that drives your research preferences, and so on.

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