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The Reports and Screens page allows you to view up to ten stock set reports or screens of your choice, all in the same place. You can customize the columns on each by choosing from your list of saved Views. Many StarMine users employ the reports aspect of this page to monitor their stock portfolios for significant analyst revisions and earnings quality updates. The screens aspect of this page is typically used to generate new investment ideas.

Selecting the Customize this page link allows you to select the reports and screens that you wish to view on the Reports and Screens page. If you need help customizing your page, you can select the Help button from the main menu once you are viewing the Customize Reports and Screens page.

For each report or screen, the displayed data columns will match the displayed data columns from the saved View that you selected on the Customize page. The stocks are sorted according to the sort preference implemented on the View. A gray triangle indicates the column by which the stocks have been sorted. To change the sort preference for one of your reports or screens, you would visit the Screens or Stock Sets pages and make the change and save the View.

If the report or screen contains more stocks than you have chosen to display for that report or screen, the page will display as many stocks as it can. You can view all of the stocks, as well as the criteria used in a screen, by selecting the View Full Report/List link at the bottom of the results. The View Report/Screen link will perform this same function.

When a blue square appears to the left of a ticker, it indicates that a stock passed a screen based on the most recent data but would not have passed the screen based on the prior day's data. The companies that are "new" to your list may be particularly interesting ones on which to focus your attention. Selecting any of the ticker links will load the Ticker page for that security.

Like the Ticker Digest, the contents of the Reports and Screens page can be e-mailed to you from StarMine on a daily basis. The e-mail feature allows you to be alerted to new StarMine content without requiring you to actively log in to the Professional application. To set up the automated e-mail alert from StarMine, select the E-mail Preferences tab. If you need help customizing your e-mail, you can select the Help button from the main menu once you are viewing the E-mail Preferences page.

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