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The Ticker Digest page of StarMine Professional offers you summarized StarMine content highlighting the newest, most important analyst revisions and earnings quality analysis for the stocks that you care about. By customizing the page according to your own preferences, you can decide which types of changes are important to you, and StarMine will include stocks on your Ticker Digest when those types of changes are made. A stock will only appear on the Ticker Digest if the changes occurred on the most recent day of analyst activity.

To configure your Ticker Digest by specifying the types of changes that are important to you, select the Customize this page link at the top of the page. If you need help customizing your Ticker Digest, you can select the Help button from the main menu once you are viewing the Customize Ticker Digest page.

The text sentences underneath the fixed portion of a stock's content always pertain directly to the preferences you selected when you configured the Ticker Digest. For example, you would only see a sentence such as "The high EPS estimate for the Dec-03 quarter went up from $0.10 to $0.14" if you selected the criterion related to the issuance of a new high estimate, and you chose to monitor either the Preferred Earnings item or EPS.

The text related to a new recommendation will include both the single-stock and overall T24M Coverage Relative Ratings for the analyst issuing the new recommendation. These star ratings correspond to the analyst's recommendation performance on the particular stock in question and across all of the stocks that he or she follows, respectively.

A table containing relevant individual estimates will appear in a stock's content when a new high estimate, low estimate, or estimate significantly different from the mean has been issued. A new high estimate shows a green H next to the estimate; a new low estimate shows a red L.

The Ticker Digest is limited in length to 100 stocks. If your Ticker Digest configuration would have included more than 100 stocks, the results displayed on the Ticker Digest will include only the first 100 stocks sorted alphabetically by ticker.

The contents of the Ticker Digest can be e-mailed to you from StarMine on a daily basis. The e-mail feature allows you to be alerted to new StarMine content without requiring you to actively log in to the Professional application. To set up the automated e-mail alert from StarMine, visit Configure / E-mail Preferences / Daily Alerts. If you need help customizing your e-mail, you can select the Help button from the main menu once you are viewing the E-mail Preferences page.

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