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   AGGREGATES|Compare Stocks
The Compare Stocks page allows you to drill down from an aggregate value to view the individual securities that comprise the aggregate. Filters allow you to refine your analysis by sector, industry, region, or country, or choose a specific Stock Set. You can use this page to:
  • Understand which individual companies are driving aggregate values
  • Identify companies that are outperforming or underperforming their sector, industry, or country peers
You can customize the list of fields displayed by clicking the "Edit this View" link.

The market cap dropdown can be used to filter the set of stocks used in aggregate calculations and displayed on the Compare Stocks page.

Market Cap ranges are defined as follows: Large Cap: >= US $5 billion; Mid Cap: US $1-5 billion; Small Cap: US $500 million to $1 billion.

You can sort the stocks shown according to any of the data columns by selecting the header associated with that column. Selecting the column header a second time will reverse-sort the stocks according to the data in that column.

If you have provided Shares Held information for a User Stock Set, this view allows you to readily see which stocks among your holdings have the largest effect on particular portfolio characteristics, enabling you to readily identify areas of exposure and opportunities for adjustment.

To see holdings-weighted aggregates for your portfolio, enter or import Shares Held for your positions via the Manage Stock Sets page.

User Stock Sets for which Shares Held weighting is being used in aggregation are denoted via an "S" icon.

Using the "Always show row and column headers when scrolling" check box, you can review the full extent of the Compare Stocks content using page scrolling while maintaining the row and column headers for reference. To toggle this functionality, use the keyboard shortcut of ALT-S.

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