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The Matrix view provides a powerful way to analyze a metric of interest across both sector/industry and region/country dimensions at a glance. This can be of particular use in top-down asset allocation processes, where one seeks to identify classes of stocks that merit over- or under-weighting. A value manager might overweight countries or sectors with a low P/E, while others might emphasize areas with rising estimates, positive Predicted Surprise, margin expansion, etc.

The Matrix view is available for all Aggregates fields. Clicking the "Select a different metric" link allows you to select any field that is available in Aggregate.

Sectors are displayed in rows, which can be expanded to show data at the Industry level. When a specific region (e.g., "Developed Europe") is selected, a benchmark column is displayed for the region, with columns to the right for each country in that region. When the "Global Asset Allocation" view is selected, a "Global" benchmark column is displayed, with columns for each of the seven primary regions into which global stocks are divided.

The benchmark column is fixed; the remaining columns are sorted in order of the default sort for the metric being viewed. For example, if "Mean Change % Earnings (F12M) 30" is selected, columns are sorted in descending order of mean change percent.

A Market Cap filter allows you to further tailor the stocks included to your needs.

Market Cap ranges are defined as follows: Large Cap: >= US $5 billion; Mid Cap: US $1-5 billion; Small Cap: US $500 million to $1 billion.

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