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   AGGREGATES|Sectors & Industries
The Sectors & Industries page provides StarMine content aggregated across each of the S&P/GICS sectors and industries. You can use this page to:
  • Observe StarMine content by sector or industry for a selected region, country, portfolio, or index
  • Observe trends in sector or industry data
  • Compare sectors to guide relative allocations
You can customize the list of fields displayed by selecting an existing View from the "View" dropdown, or by clicking the "Edit this View" link. Note that fields that are contained in a View definition but are not available in aggregate are hidden when the View is used on this page.

You may use either the "Region/Country" and "Market Cap" selections or the "Stock Set" dropdown to define the universe of securities to be included in aggregation.

Market Cap ranges are defined as follows: Large Cap: >= US $5 billion; Mid Cap: US $1-5 billion; Small Cap: US $500 million to $1 billion.

Selecting a Stock Set will allow you to view Sector aggregates within any portfolio of interest, be it an index, a funded portfolio, or a dynamic stock set that represents your investable universe.

The Group By dropdown allows you to select the desired GICS level for analysis.

You can sort the sectors according to any of the data columns by selecting the header associated with that column. Selecting the column header a second time will reverse-sort the sectors according to the data in that column.

Clicking the chart icon at the top of a column will display a popup bar chart of the values in that column, sorted in the default.

Clicking on one of the sector or industry names will bring you to the Compare Stocks page for that sector or industry.

Clicking the "+" symbol next to a sector name will expand the sector to show its component industries.

The Number of Stocks column is a count of the number of stocks in a sector or industry in the selected region or country.

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