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   House Research: Compose Report
For users of the House Research platform, clicking a "Compose New Report" link from the My Research page or the Ticker|Research page will launch the Compose Report window.

House Research is divided into two report types: Company and Industry/Strategy. A Company report is focused on a Primary Ticker, whereas an Industry/Strategy report can be focused on any number of Industries in one or more Countries.

To compose a Company report, select the Company Report tab.

In the Tickers box, start typing a ticker or company name that the report will focus on as the "Primary Ticker". To add the ticker, either select a result from the dynamic list or click the "Add" button. You can tag the report with as many other tickers as you wish by repeating this process.

Once you've entered a Primary Ticker, the House Recommendation section populates to show you the current House Recommendation issued on that ticker, and gives you the option to revise that recommendation if you wish. There can only be one House Recommendation on any ticker at any given time - if you wish to "assume coverage" from another analyst at your firm, check the provided box.

To compose an Industry/Strategy report, choose the Industry/Strategy Report tab and select the industries and countries with which you wish to tag the report. Leave the Industries section empty if you want to write a country-level strategy report.

In the Attachments section to the right, use the "Browse…" button to select files from your computer to attach to the report. In this example, the author has uploaded both a Word document of notes and an Excel file containing a valuation model. You can upload any type of file, including PDF, Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), text, images, etc. The maximum file size for any particular attachment is 10MB. When the upload is complete, a green checkmark appears next to the file name.

For Company reports, to attach broker research on the primary ticker from StarMine's archive, click the Attach Broker Research link and select the documents you wish to attach. To include a PrintPack of the primary ticker as of the time you publish the document, check the Attach PrintPack… option and choose the PrintPack template you wish to use. (These options do not apply to Industry/Strategy reports.)

Enter a title and text in the spaces provided. Press the Publish button to finish composing. When you publish a report, the report is processed and saved in the archive (this may take a minute or two), and then is distributed to the members of your team for which it matches their StarBox delivery preferences.

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