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StarMine categorizes all broker (and house) research as one of three types:
  • Company research: research about one or a small number of companies. It may also include "Morning Notes" which typically cover a wide array of unrelated companies.
  • Industry research: research about several companies in the same industry.
  • Strategy research: research that does not appear to be Company research or Industry Research
StarMine offers Text Search on 3 separate tabs:
  • Search on the Company tab to limit your search to one or more tickers or a stock set. For example, if you want to find research on Motorola (MOT US) that references sales of mobile devices, search on the Company tab for "mobile device sales" with primary ticker of MOT US.
  • Search on the Broker Industry/Strategy tab to limit your search to industry or strategy pieces. For example, use this page to find research on "mobile devices sales" in the US Communications Equipment industry.
  • To search across all types of broker research, use the Text Search tab. While this tab does not allow you to specify particular tickers or industries, brokers or analysts, it shows search results in one place for all types of research. Results on this page are sorted by "relevance", meaning the research documents most relevant to your search terms will appear first.
Here are some tips for running different types of searches using StarMine's Text Search:
  • To find research that contains all search terms, just type the words into the search box. This is the way StarMine's search works by default. If you're looking for research that mentions both "Apple" and "iPod", just type both words into the search box.
  • To find research that includes one or more search terms, you can use the word "OR" between search terms. To find research containing the words "oil" or "petroleum", type "oil OR petroleum" into the search box.
  • To find research that does not have some terms, type "NOT" before the word you don't want to appear in the results. For example, if you want research on Apple that does not discuss the iPod, type "Apple NOT iPod" into the search box.
  • To find an exact match, capitalize the first letter of the word. Under typical circumstances, Text Search will search for related words and phrases. In other words, typing in the word "earnings" will return documents that contain earnings, earning, earns, etc. However, typing "Earnings" will only return research documents that contain this word.
  • To find research that includes an exact phrase, type the phrase in quotes. For example, you could type "global warming" to find all research that includes this exact phrase. This search is useful when you are looking for common words that take on a unique meaning when found in a particular order. The set of documents containing the exact phrase "global warming" will be smaller and more specific than documents containing both of those words, not necessarily in that order.

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