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Views are saved sets of display fields. To create a new view, click the "New" link next to the View dropdown:

To edit the View currently displayed, click "Edit this view", which will display the edit view panel.

To add fields to the View, click "Add a Column" and select from the many available fields.

To remove a field, click the "remove" link on the right side of the field's row.

Note: Ticker is a required column and must appear in the left-most column position. Ticker does not appear in the field list.

To reorder fields in the View, click and drag the field name.

When you are finished making changes to the View, click "Save Changes" and your View will be saved and the data displayed.

Sharing Views
Now you can also share Views with your colleagues. To share a View, click the "Edit this view" link and choose either the "View" or "Edit" checkboxes in the top-right corner of the panel.

The "View this view" checkbox allows other users at your firm to display their screen results, stock sets, aggregates pages, or peers list using the fields you have chosen. Any changes you make to the View will be reflected on everyone's page that uses it. Your colleagues cannot make any changes to the View, however.

The "Edit this view" checkbox allows other users at your firm to access and edit the View (though they cannot delete the View).

Shared views are displayed in the "VIEW" dropdown list; they have a shaded background if they were created by another user.

Views Library
The last entry in the View dropdown is "Open Views Library…". Select this option to access a library of pre-built views from which you can browse and create a copy of your own. This library will be updated periodically to include new views as the list of available fields, ratios, and StarMine models grows.

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