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   STOCK SETS|Allocations
The Allocations page allows you to compare weightings of your custom holdings against a benchmark of choice, providing an incisive view of your relative exposure to sectors, industries, regions, and countries. Allocation comparisons can be created for any two stock sets, including your custom portfolios and the standard StarMine Stock Sets, which represent many popular indices.

The "Stock Set" dropdown allows you to select the primary stock set for which you would like to analyze over-/under-weighting vs. a benchmark.

The "Benchmark" dropdown allows you to select any Stock Set as a Benchmark for allocation comparisons.

The "Compare" dropdown allows you to select the dimension along which you'd like to analyze allocations (e.g., sectors, countries, etc.)

The first column of the table shows the name of the sector, industry, region, or country. The next two columns show the percentage of each Stock Set you've selected that is allocated to each row. The "Diff" column then shows the difference in the % allocation to each sector/country/etc across the Stock Sets. This Difference value is then graphed at the right of the table, providing a clear illustration of where the selected Stock Set is overweight vs. the selected Benchmark.

Clicking the "+" symbol next to a sector name will expand the sector to show allocations to its component industries. You can also drill down from regions to countries in similar fashion.

If you have provided Shares Held for your positions, your allocations will reflect that information.

(Shares Held data can be entered via the Stock Sets tab, either manually or via import from Excel. You can also arrange to have your stock sets and shares held information updated automatically from another application via the StarMine Stock Set API. For assistance with the Stock Set API, please contact your account manager.)

For stock sets without Shares Held information, including the standard StarMine Stock Sets, market cap-weighting is used in allocation calculations.

You can also enter a Cash position for your portfolio (via the Stock Sets/Manage Stock Sets page) to study its effect on your relative weightings.

Note that you do not have to select a Benchmark stock set; if you provide only one stock set, the allocations of that stock set itself will be displayed.

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