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   STOCK SETS|Compare
The Stock Sets/Compare page allows you to compare aggregates for up to five Stock Sets of your choice. This feature is available for both your custom User Stock Sets and the standard StarMine Stock Sets, which include many popular indices. If you'd like to calculate Aggregates for customized sector or industry definitions, specific countries of choice, or just stocks within your investable universe, you can now do so by simply creating a Stock Set of those stocks.

Since all Aggregates fields are available for use in Stock Set Aggregates, you can evaluate your portfolio's earnings momentum, revenue and margin trends, Predicted Surprise, relative valuation, intrinsic valuation, and more, and compare each of these measures to the benchmark of choice.

To see holdings-weighted aggregates for your portfolio, enter or import Shares Held for your positions via the Stock Sets/View & Manage page.

User Stock Sets for which Shares Held weighting is being used in aggregation are denoted via an "S" icon.

You can customize the list of fields displayed by clicking the "Edit this View" link. Note that fields that are contained in a View definition but are not available in aggregate are hidden when the View is used on this page.

Clicking on a Stock Set name will launch the Stock Sets/View & Manage page for that Stock Set.

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