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   StarMine's proprietary models are not only backed by extensive empirical research and rigorous quantitative testing, they are also grounded in practical and proven financial concepts. Each model is broken into separate components that represent one facet, or fundamental concept. Structuring the models this way allows us to logically display what factors are contributing to or detracting from the scores. With this in mind, we created the Ticker|Models page to display and highlight the underlying factors that comprise each model. StarMine is committed to helping you make more informed investment decisions and we believe our "clear box" approach will assist you in doing just that.

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Analyst Revisions (ARM)

Earnings Quality

Price Momentum


Analyst Revisions (StarMine Indicator)

Supplemental Revisions

Insider Filings Model US

Short Interest (SI)

Text Mining Credit Risk (TMCR)

Structural Credit Risk (SCR)

SmartRatios Credit Risk (SRCR)

Combined Credit Risk (CCR)