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   The Peers page is designed to allow you to compare the selected company to a set of comparable companies (i.e., "peers") across a customized group of data fields.

The first time you visit the Peers page for a security, StarMine automatically populates the security's peers using our proprietary peer selection algorithm that combines competitor lists provided in filings, analyst cross coverage, business classification and revenue proximity. We have found that using this hierarchical approach produces very reasonable sets of peer companies for most securities. Nevertheless, the Peers page also allows you to add additional peers or to overwrite the StarMine-suggested peers with companies that you think are more appropriate.
  • To add an additional peer, type the ticker of the company you want to add in the box at the top of the right-most column (below the phrase, "Add peer"). Then hit the enter key or press the "Update and Save" button.
  • To replace a peer, overwrite its ticker with the ticker of the company you would rather see as a peer. Then hit the enter key or press the "Update and Save" button.
If you change the StarMine-suggested peers and then decide that you want the page to revert to the StarMine-suggested peers, click the link to "Reset to StarMine Peers" and the security's original StarMine peers will be restored.

Peer Wizard
To assist you in finding peers for the selected security, StarMine offers a feature called the Peer Wizard. Clicking the link for the Peer Wizard launches a pop-up containing a list of the selected security's peers, as well as additional companies that you may find to be better peers for the selected security. The companies appearing on the Peer Wizard are sorted by StarMine's peer selection algorithm by default, but you can resort the companies by selecting a different column header (e.g., Industry).
  • To add a company to the peers list for the selected security, check the box in the column on the far left side of the Wizard and press the "Update and Save" button.
  • To remove a company from the peers list for the selected security, uncheck the box in the left-most column and press the "Update and Save" button.
Customizing the Data Fields
The data that are displayed for the selected security and its peers are fully customizable to any set of fields that are available to you in the Screens section of StarMine Professional. In fact, you choose the display fields for the Peers page by selecting a screen from the dropdown below the phrase "Display data fields from this screen:". For purposes of the Peers page, the criteria associated with the screen you select are ignored; only the display fields of the selected screen are relevant, and those fields are displayed from top-to-bottom on the Peers page.

To create a new screen for the purposes of displaying customized fields on the Peers page, visit the Screens / Edit Screens page and select "New". In Step 1, name your screen something like "Custom Peers Report". In Step 5, choose the fields that you want to be displayed on the Peers page. Don't forget to save your new screen. Then return to the Peers page and select the screen that you created from the dropdown.

Printing the Peers Page
Because the number of columns and rows on the Peers page are variable, getting the page to print correctly can be challenging. To help you print, StarMine includes a Print Version of the Peers page. The Print Version box contains both a Portrait and Landscape page layout icon. The numbers to the right of each icon represent the number of pages that each layout requires. Clicking on an icon opens a new window containing the contents of the Peers page formatted for the selected page layout.

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