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   TICKER|PrintPack – Run Report
The StarMine PrintPackSM reporting service allows you to select any number of pages of the product, specify parameters for each page, change the order of those pages and generate a print-friendly document on whichever stocks you choose. Each document will have an interactive table of contents and will be emailed to you within minutes.

Run Report
Often times, you will want to run the same report for different stocks at different times. For this reason, the first section on the page allows you to enter up to 10 tickers, select a template and immediately generate a PrintPack. The ticker box, where you specify what stocks to run the PrintPack on, will be automatically pre-populated with the ticker you currently have selected. You can add tickers simply by typing them in, separated with a comma. To generate the document, press the "Run" and one PrintPack for each ticker entered will be emailed to you.

The very first time you come to the PrintPack page, a default template of pages will be waiting for you. You can edit this template by selecting it and clicking the "Edit" button to the right. You can permanently delete a template using the "Delete" button. If you want to make another template similar to one already created, you can "Copy" one and then make your changes using the edit feature. Finally, if you want to create a new template from scratch, you can click the "New" button.

TICKER|PrintPack – Edit Template

The first section is where you name your template. To rename a template, simply change the name in the textbox and save the template.

The next two sections allow you to add, remove and change the pages and parameters in your PrintPack template:
  • To edit the parameters of a selected page, select the page from the list box and make your changes using the dropdown selections below. Click the "Add/Update" button below to effect your change.
  • To remove a page, select the page you want to remove and click the "Remove" button. If you want to start from scratch, click the "Clear All" button and all pages of the template will be removed.
  • To add a new page, make sure no pages are selected (you can click "Add/Update" or simply change the page in the dropdown to deselect a page) and then select a new page from the Add Pages section below. As soon as you select a page, the corresponding parameter choices will appear in dropdowns automatically. Depending on which page you select, a different set of parameters become available to choose from in the dropdowns below. At any point, if you want to see what a page will look like, you can click the "Preview Page" link to the right. This will pop up a preview window for the page and parameters selected on the active ticker (from the ticker box at the top of the page). To add the page to your PrintPack, click the "Add/Update" button.
You can also change the order of the pages by selecting a page and using the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons.

When you are happy with the template design, click "Save Template" at the bottom of the page to save your changes and return to the Run PrintPack page.

Note: PrintPack documents are .mht file format and require Microsoft Outlook® or Microsoft Outlook Express® installed to view.

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