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The Ticker|Research page gives you access to the research documents of all brokers whose research you are able to access via your Thomson Reuters permissions. If you do not see research from a broker that you believe covers the security you are viewing, it is possible that Thomson Reuters does not believe that you have access to research from the broker. With StarMine, you can review your broker permissions for research.

At the top of the "Broker Research" section of the Ticker/Research page are links and checkboxes that control the display results.
  1. To restrict results to only those research documents focused specifically on the selected ticker, check the "Only research where primary ticker is…" box. Uncheck the box if you wish to see all research documents that mention the selected ticker.
  2. Select "30 Days", "90 Days", "One Year", or "All Available" to change the time period of broker research displayed in the list.
  3. Select "All Research" to view both Equity and Fixed Income research on the ticker, or limit your search to either Equity or Fixed Income.
  4. Use the "Only initiation reports" checkbox to limit the list to only research reports that signal an initiation of estimate or recommendation coverage.
In the "Broker Research" table of documents:
  • You can select a column header to sort the research according to that data item. Selecting the same column header a second time reverse-sorts the research based on the selected item.
  • Selecting the "1" icon associated with a research document allows you to view the first page of the document.
  • Selecting the PDF icon or the title of the document launches the document.
  • If a user at your firm has published a rating or comment on a broker report, you will see either a "thumbs up" icon, a "thumbs down" icon, or a comment bubble (when someone has published a comment, but not a rating). Hover the mouse cursor over this icon to see the comments and ratings in a floating palette.
  • The check boxes along the right side of the page allow you to select multiple of the research documents displayed on the page in order to take additional action regarding the selected documents.
    • The link to "Combine selected reports for printing" can be used to save you the time of having to save or print many research documents individually. Instead, you can use this feature to pull multiple documents into a single PDF document that can be saved or printed a single time
    • For users who subscribe to StarBox, a link to "Email me selected reports" is present on the page. With this feature, users can indicate one or more research documents that StarMine will send to your Inbox as a PDF attachment. A separate e-mail will be sent for each document selected, giving you the flexibility to delete some documents while keeping others.
For House Research users, the Ticker/Research page also displays House Research company reports in a separate table of results.
  • Hover the cursor over the "paper clip" icon to see a list of file attachments on the house research report.
  • Hover the cursor over the "report" icon to see the text of the house research report.
  • Click the "report" icon or the report title to view the full report.
  • The "House Research" table also displays the date, primary ticker on the report, author name, and (if the report made a revision to the House Recommendation) the recommendation revision associated with the report.
  • Click the "Compose New Report on…" link to launch the Compose Report window.

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