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   CONFIGURE|Ticker Digest/Reports and Screens
The Ticker Digest/Reports and Screens Preferences page of StarMine Professional allows you to specify the content you wish to receive in your daily e-mail alert from StarMine. The e-mail alert allows you to be alerted to new and important analyst activity without requiring you to actively log in to the Professional application.

At the top of the page, you can select whether you would like your e-mail alert to contain your customized Ticker Digest page, your customized Reports and Screens page, or both.

The second section on the page allows you to select when your Alerts will be sent. StarMine updates its databases three times each weekday. The first update to occur each day applies only to stocks from Asia Pacific. The second update to occur each day applies only to stocks from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The third update to occur each day applies only to stocks from North America and Latin America.

If you have access to data that spans these regions, you can choose to receive an Alert after any of these updates, or after all three. Please see your Account Manager for details of typical delivery times.

If you have chosen to include both the Ticker Digest and the Reports and Screens page, you can specify which page you would like to appear first in your Alert.

You also have the option of receiving your Alerts in a single email in your desired format or to receive two Alerts, one for your email client and one for your mobile device. The options for your email client include graphics-rich HTML formats specialized for either Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes or as a text-based message with an attachment. For mobile devices, the Alerts are formatted in a PDA friendly "text-only" version. If you choose to receive the Alert as an attachment, you will need to actively open the attachment once you have opened the e-mail message itself. If you choose to receive the Alert as a link, you will need to actively click the link once you have opened the e-mail message itself. Most users prefer the HTML format if they are able to receive HTML e-mails.

The Alerts configuration page also displays the e-mail address that StarMine has for you. If no address is displayed, we do not have a current e-mail address for you. In this case, or if you wish to have the alerts sent to a different e-mail address than the one indicated, please contact your StarMine account manager.

Remember that you must hit the Save Changes button in order to save any changes you make to your e-mail preferences.

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